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Name: Anobii
Focus: Books
Users: estimated at 100.000
Registration: open to all
Comments: Claim 3.250.000 books registered. Easy to operate.

Name: Facebook *
Focus: General. Very popular
Users: 53.500.000
Registration: open to all over 16 years old
Comments: Very talked about. Advertising to come in 2008

Name: Friendster
Focus: Social - youngish
Users: 26.500.000
Registration: open to all over 16
Comments: Social, the huge number of user makes it important

Name: Jaiku
Focus: Social
Users: estimated at 500.000
Registration: open to all
Comments: Owned by Google. Expected to take off in year 2008. Mobile connection

Name: Konnects *
Focus: Business networking
Users: estimated at 200.000
Registration: open for businesses
Comments: 350 business network worldwide you join in one-go. Register under publishing.

Name: LibraryThing *
Focus: Book lovers
Users: 250.000
Registration: open to all
Comments: important, even if small, for all new authors. Claim 21.000.000 books

Name: LinkedIn *
Focus: Business relationship
Users: 16.000.000
Registration: Open. Mostly for over 25 years of age.
Comments. Important business exchange. 145.000 sign in daily. 25 join every day.
Register with your author’s website as company

Name: Live Journal *
Focus: Blogging.
Users: 13.000.000
Registration: Open
Comments: Very active site. 160.000 entries a day. Publishing tool. SMS

Name: MySpace *
Focus: General.
Users: 289.000.000
Registration: Open
Comments: Very popular. With the Queen’s site.

Name: Netlog
Focus: personal
Users: 28.000.000
Registration: Open
Comments: Previously Facebox

Name: Orkut
Focus: Brazil and India
Users: 67.000.000
Registration: Open
Comments: Owned by Google

Name: Plaxo
Focus: business
Users: 15.000.000
Registration: Open
Comments: Important business site. Outlook express. Address book. Mobile. Like a personal page.

Name: SelfGrowth *
Focus: Various groups.
Users: Not know, but growing fast
Registration: Open

Name: Shelfari *
Focus: book site.
Users: estimated to be app 50.000 and growing fast
Registration: Open
Comments: books. Participate in various groups. Easy to use. Recommended.
Good site for new books.

Name: Tagged
Focus: General
Users: 30.000.000
Registration: Open
Comments: large site, easy to operate.

Name: Wyan –
Focus: Travel and lifestyle
Users: 8.000.000
Registrations: Only for people over 18 years old
Comments: Important, shows website home page

Name: Window Live Space
Focus: Blogging
Users: 40.000.000
Registrations: Open
Comments: Site previously owned by MSN

Name: Yuwie
Focus: Business
Users: 350.000 and increasing fast
Registration: mostly for over 18 with some business interest or product to promote
Comments: new advertising system which is paying users per page views, but siteand registration is free.
Highly recommended. Very talked about.

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