Book Promotion Seminarium

Book Promotion Seminarium

CONTACT a professional Book Promoter!
One to one.
Any time.

The time and effort you have put into creating the book, must not slip away.

You can order our book promotion via this website by filling in the production form - from the home page - and most authors and publishers do so.

However, if you want a serious discussion about your book and wish to be taken through the steps of the book marketing procedure by a professional Book Promoter - come and contact one of us.


There is no sales-pitch and you are not committed in any way.
Our Book Promoter will introduce our company and explain what the Book Promotion Ltd organisation is all about. What we do and what we don’t. We will then take you step by step through the procedure of Book Promology, answering any questions on the way. Then move on to the PRECISION campaigns.
We will ask a few questions about your book, to get a general overall of where we are and where to start.
Many of our clients come to us very early in the procedure, to ensure there are no long time gaps later.
If you decide on ordering a book promotion, we need two copies of your book or manuscript and the Production Form filled in. We will of course help.
We invoice you later, so there is nothing to pay at this point.

Book Promotion Seminarium

There is no obligation in any way.

You are most welcome to walk away - and have a think.

All straight forward and very friendly. Nothing more, nothing less.
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