Reach 600 million people. Time has changed.

Over 500 social networking websites exist.
Most are a definite waste of time for an author or publisher, promoting a new book.
However, we have created cooperation with around 18 social sites, with an estimated 600 million people, of which over 280 million view the sites several times monthly.
This is such an enormous audience, that it can’t be ignored by a new author/publisher with a book that needs to create awareness. People tune in and out just as they do on TV and the number of pageviews is above 50. This audience is also loyal, habit oriented and big online spenders.

Selected social websites

Firstly, as we know the book to be entered on social sites - from having read it, created review, synopsis and press release, - we are uniquely able to decide quite precisly on readership, age of reader, social profile etc. for the book to be promoted.
Based on this knowledge we select around eight to ten social sites and do the entering.
Yes, we do it all, so you don’t have to sit for a week entering such details.

We place photo of the book cover, interview, review, press release and information about the new website address on each social site, with ourselves as a ‘friend or associate’, thereby creating interest.
The traffic will go to your website or come to the email address we have created, using the book’s name.
Also we enter and/or for credibility.
It can have a positive effect to the numbers visiting your author’s site.
Accept all ‘friends’, as it spreads your message fast and lead people to your new author’s web site by telling about your book, yourself and your site.
Your author’s website created by book-promotion, has been produced by us to be fast and friendly, suitable for being used with social networking sites.

This is very time consuming work and has to done correctly to create visitors to you authors website.
Only relevant information is entered and no personal address, phone number etc is ever entered by us.

We need your permission to enter your details. This permission is included on the production form.
When the work is done and this can’t be done before the website is up and running we forward you the password and the list of the social sites used, enabling you to go in and add further details.
Visit the selected sites and your ‘space’ and enter whoever you want, update and add further information. is the place for advice and guidance.
We answer fast and in a way so it is easy to follow.

There is no other way you can reach such a large audience.
No author / publisher with a book to promote should ignore Social Networking in year 2008.

Please note that the Book-Preneur Concept is not for sale and is only available when ordering our book promotion.

When deciding on a book-promotion for a book you might have spent years creating, nothing is more important than getting in front of such an audience.
This important marketing concept, Book-Preneur, is included in our standard price and you don’t pay a penny extra for it.
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